Bridges Foundation and Istanbul Medeniyet University invite participants to the 2021’s European, Asian, Middle Eastern, North African Conference on Management and Information Systems (EAMMIS 2021). The theme of the EAMMIS 2021 conference is to discuss the balance between Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) for achieving global sustainability in the digital era. The discussions of this international forum aim to highlight the vital solutions expressed through, for instance, practical case-studies from industry leaders, practitioners, and academic scholars, providing insight on their experiences when implementing the next generation platforms and processes which holistically blend AI and IoT, to address the scholarly and practitioner reported challenges within the realm of the fourth industrial revolution.


Also, such discussions could reveal theoretical, practical, and managerial solutions that can bear various implications when embracing AI and IoT in the digital era. Other concerns, like (1) sustainable technologies, (2) utilization of Blockchain, Fintech, etc., or (3) the role of cybersecurity and privacy are also within the realm of this conference’s theme of discussion. This is since the EAMMIS 2021 conference particularly anticipates discussing the capabilities of AI and IoT which enhance organizational performance in Web 2.0’s digital era. As a result, the EAMMIS 2021  conference’s call for paper focuses on four tracks, but not limited to:

Track 1: Innovation in the digital era​

Track 2: Industry 4.0 management for sustainable technologies

Track 3: Utilization of Blockchain, DLT, and Fintech for AI and IoT in the digital eras

Track 4: Role of Cybersecurity and privacy facilitated by AI and IoT

Track 5: Fifth Industrial Revolution: The Internet of Ideas