After authors have received the final acceptance, they are required to follow all the below-prescribed requirements for the final submission of their camera-ready papers.


  1. Point-By-Point Response Letter to all reviewers' comments.

  2. Signed and scanned publishing agreement (copyright) form, which should be signed by you using your own signature. This signature should not be in typed letters.

  3. Signed and scanned Permission Request Form (Springer) if applicable (sign the  Permission Request by using your own signature, not by typed letters).

  4. The final paper (camera-ready copy) should be prepared as per the EAMMIS 2021 sample paper, and set its filename with the paper ID in Word format with the full details of the authors (see attached example paper).

  5. A PDF file from the final paper (camera-ready copy) is prepared in point 4.

  6. The proof of your payment.

  7. After preparing the camera-ready paper, as per the above points, please email a zipped file, with the required documents hyperlinked in the previous points, to