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It is the decision of the organizers of the EAMMIS 2022 to hold the conference physically in Coventry, United Kingdom. But, for those participants who are unable to attend the EAMMIS 2022 conference, there is an option for an online venue as well; available through the MS Team platform.

Such a decision resonated from extensive consultation with the EAMMIS executive committee and the faculty of the organizing university. Hence, the EAMMIS 2022 venue is a blend with the physical and, in parallel, an online conference, given the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 circumstances.


The EAMMIS 2022 organizing committee volunteers invested much effort. Many understand the additional workloads due to the COVID-19 pandemic circumstances. The EAMMIS 2022 event is for scientific and social interactions, where we believe we will achieve a quality conference through such a hybrid conference platform.

Those participants who are wishing to physically participate upon the hosting university's campus may like to take under consideration the closest hotel nearest the hosting university's campus:

  1. Nearby hotel details will be listed shortly.

Thank you for all your support during these challenging times.



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